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Visiting Columbia With the Kids

As South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia is a popular tourist destination that offers a host of attractions that your kids will love. The city’s selection of zoos, parks, museums, and theatres each offer your child a new way to explore and learn about their world, all while having an excellent time.

Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden

Kids of all ages love going to the zoo, and Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden does not disappoint! Home to more than 2,000 animals, Colombia’s favorite zoo is the perfect day trip for you and your kids. They will love seeing all of their favorite animals in real life, and you will love the beautiful scenery that surrounds each exhibit. Make the most of your day with scheduled animal demonstrations daily, or wow your children with an up-close animal encounter with an education animal. If you or your child have a particular favorite animal or animal group, sign up for one of the behind the scenes Adventure Tours for a truly unforgettable experience.

Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park

If you and your kids enjoy spending your days exploring the outdoors, consider taking a day to discover all of the fun that can be had at the Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park. There are many different paths for you to follow, and clearly displayed signs on each path help to make the trip educational as well as fun. Pack a picnic lunch with your kids’ favorites and plan on spending a relaxing day outside.


EdVenture is the ultimate children’s destination in Columbia, SC. With a mission to create new generations of lifelong learners, EdVenture is an amazing children’s museum that will fascinate your kids and help to bring out the kid in you. Unlike traditional museum exhibits, the exhibits at EdVenture are designed with kids and their natural curiosity in mind. Your children (and you!) are encouraged to interact with, climb on, and explore everything about each exhibit so that you will all gain the most from your experience.

Columbia Marionette Theatre

The Columbia Marionette Theatre is one of the most unique playhouses you will find in Columbia. Using innovative puppetry and artistry, the theatre and its performers aim to entertain and educate children and adults-and they do it with pizzazz! Performances are short, around 45 minutes, so they are great for children of all ages. Adults will also find the performances fascinating, as the theatre wants grown ups to enjoy themselves as much as the kids do.

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