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Victoria, British Columbia

Garden City – Victoria

Victoria, BC, is the city where British Columbia provincial government located, it sits at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is an exquisite beautiful quiet city, known as the “Garden City”. Under the name of the British Queen Victoria, influenced by traditional British lifestyle, it makes you feel like being in Europe. It is famous for “the most beautiful gardens in the world” the Butchart Gardens. Butchart Gardens covers 30 acres, and it is divided into new territory Garden, Italian Garden, Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden four parts, tourists are all amazed its wonderful ideas, ingenious design and exotic flowers. it is at he southwest of Vancouver Island at Canada’s southern end, is located in the north latitude 48 ° 25 ‘, longitude 123 ° 22’, it is the provincial capital of is British Colombia Canada, it is also the largest city of Vancouver Island’s. The weather of this city is mild, belongs to maritime climate. In January it will be 4? ~ 5?, average frost period only 20 days per year. 27 inches average annual rainfall, the rainy season is in winter, from June to August rainfall is only 2 inches. The population is 320,000.

City Overview

Victoria is on the southeast part of Vancouver Island, it is also a tourist holiday destination. Moderate climate and beautiful scenery, four seasons are all filled with fragrance of flowers, so in Canada many elderly retirees will sell their house and buy a new one here, so it is also called “paradise for retired people”. This is a standard city garden, the magnificent stately parliament building as the center, surrounded by century-old Queen’s hotel, the Royal Wax Museum, marine gardens and museums. That is tourist area, full of green lawns and colourful gardens, large flower pots are hung on street lamps. The traffic is ordered, occasionally you can see old carriages walk on the streets. Horse heads are decorated, wearing colourful, shiny carriage; coachman wears ancient European style clothing.

While this is geographically closer to the United States, but you can fell romance of Britain everywhere, many street and store names still preserved as British writers, such as Shakespeare, Byron and Dickens. The public transport here is mainly double-decker bus, University of Victoria near Beacon Hill Mountain and sea, where the houses are very beautiful, the house owners are mostly retired people, they maintain their courtyard carefully, as well as their gardens water fountains and street lamp. Every courtyard here is a wonderful scenery. The community rules here say there must be flowers in the front yard and the rooms should not rent to young people outside. In this city 80% population is aged people. They constitute the main consumption of the city. Around two or three in the afternoon, you can see lots of aged people’s shopping cart outside of supermarket, and café filled with elderly, here really is a paradise for the elderly.

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